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Wedding Fun for Non-Traditional Couples

Weddings today aren’t what they used to be, with many couples willing to forego wedding traditions and opting for a more personalized wedding ceremony. Weddings are a celebration of love between you and your spouse-to-be, and so it should represent your tastes and personalities quite well. Give your wedding the unique personality specifically tailored to your characteristics as a couple with these fun non-traditional wedding ideas!

Prepare a non-traditional wedding script

Weddings usually come heavily scripted because it is, after all, a ceremony. But whether you’re not too keen on too structured programs, or if you just want to change things up and make your ceremony more you, then the easiest change you can make is to change the wedding script!

The most common change made here is to ditch majority of the long list of vows answerable by “I Do” that the couple will answer, and instead have the bride and groom write their own wedding vows, with promises that reflect your story. You can also choose to write your own script with the help of the officiator (to make sure the necessary parts are there). A good example is to include kids in the marriage vows if either of you has kids.

Ditch Pachelbel’s Canon for your wedding march

YouTube is full of videos with non-traditional wedding marches, and not a lot of people seem to mind! Many non-traditional “marches” on the online streaming platform – from the entourage entering as Star Wars characters in full costume to dancing down the aisle instead of marching down the aisle to the tune of Chris Brown’s “Forever” (we all remember that video!) – have served as a peg for other non-traditional couples.

Changing up your wedding march is a fun way to open a non-traditional wedding, and it’s easy as long as you have the cooperation of the entire entourage. Just a note, though: you might want to inform your officiator – whether it’s a priest, a certified minister, or a judge – that you will be doing a non-traditional march so they won’t be so surprised.

Change up your wedding sendoff

Since you’re changing up your wedding entrance, why not change the wedding exit as well? You’re walking hand in hand as husband and wife for the first time, and it’s the perfect moment to capture your quirkiness as a couple! Instead of traditional rice grains or flowers to greet you at your sendoff, choose something that represents you. You can use party strings and confetti instead of rice and flower petals, or have your guests hold sparklers as your wedding exit arch. Are you a geeky couple? Have your entourage wave around glow sticks or light sabers as you run down the aisle. Environmentalist? Use leaf confetti instead, or bird feed (this adds an additional dimension to your exit too – birds!). The best part is customizing this part usually lets you choose a DIY solution that also helps you cut down on wedding expenses!

Get married outside of church or the courthouse

Vegas isn’t the only other place that isn’t a chapel or a courthouse where you can get married legally – but of course, as a non-traditional couple, you already knew that! Choose a place that you’ve always wanted to go to, or a place that holds special meaning to you as a couple. Some libraries and museums will let you hold your wedding ceremony and reception in their venue, providing a classic feel to your event. Or you may want to take a hint from the couple who got married while they were on airplanes if you are an adventure-loving couple.

If you want to go the safer, still non-traditional but not unheard of route, you can always choose your favorite garden or beach. Be reminded of the expenses when you hold a destination wedding, though – make it clear to your guests what you will cover and what you expect them to provide for themselves!

Plan games and activities that increase guest participation

People tend to forget that weddings are celebrations, and parties should involve everyone! Talk to your partner about possible games and activities for the guests. Prepare romance-themed games for your married / couple friends and help the single ones meet and get to know each other through games specifically designed for them.

You should also prepare activities that encourage guests to enjoy themselves at your event. Music, a self-serve bar filled with booze, or a photo booth such as ours are a great start. How about creating a wedding version of an Easter egg hunt for all guests, and winners get a personalized prize from you? It’s all up to you.

These are just some of the ideas that you can do to make you non-traditional wedding more fun. Do not limit yourself to tradition and structure, and remember: your wedding day is all about you, so feel free to make your theme and activities as personal as possible!