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Birthday Party Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booths for parties and other fun events has become a very popular trend in recent times. Photo Booths add excitement and unforgettable memories to any birthday party or event with friends and family. We offer tons of fun props and backgrounds that brings out the kid in most adults. After packing into the booth for their photo session, guests will receive a printed photo strip in less than a minute.

Don’t waste your time playing ‘musical chairs’ or other lame party games when photo booth rentals are the new way to party. When the party’s over, your guests will continue raving about the great time they had. Doesn’t matter if it’s a child’s party or an adult party, you can count on your guests leaving with smiles a mile long and waiting for the next party you throw or maybe they will need photo booths for weddings or parties of their own.

Your guests will have access to a party scrapbook for their photo booth photos where they can write a few messages for the birthday boy or girl. Whether it’s an inspiring quote, personal message, friendly insults, or just an expression of how much of a great time they have had. When the party is over, you will be in possession of a treasure chest of some of the most hysterical moments captured on paper and digital to share with everyone you know for years to come.